#BoostIt - The Power of Instagram Hashtags

#BoostIt - The Power of Instagram Hashtags

Published on 9th October, 2019

Hashtags are really common on Instagram. It uses the symbols to categorize the insane volume of content that the users generate. Many other sites and apps make use of (hash)tags to try and manage content into related themes. Using hashtags to organize your content can have massive impact on your Instagram profile and the amount of likes your posts receive.

It's free exposure! Trending hashtags get millions of views - mark your post with one of them to receive a part of those views. Make sure that your content is actually related to the hashtag - if your post is not related to the hashtag it will not make any sense and might actually hurt how well your post does!

Instagram will let you track hashtags now, making the whole process simpler. You can expect people to stumble upon your content. The Insight freature will provide you with an easy way to measure the effectiveness of your hashtag use.

Getting started with Instagram

While hashtag is a great tool for any Instagram profile, getting a lot of attention to your profile can be extremely hard at the beginning. You now can buy Instagram likes & followers from services like LikesGlobal to give you a head start. Boosting your page with extra likes and followers will promote your page, build your brand and trust, and increase your organic followers!

What hashtags to use?

It is important to pick the hashtags you want to use carefully. Throwing in a big random mix of tags is not likely to help you out. Play it smart - what audiences are you going after, what big events and news are related to your post, what theme/tune are you going for, what emotions your post will trigger? All these questions and more will help you figure out the best hashtags to use on your Instagram posts.

Note that the communities around hashtags can range from a few people to over a billion! Make sure you put yourself in the right markets, where your post is still related and will not get lost, but has a potential for good exposure. 50k - 100k range is a good one to start with.

To conclude, hashtags can be a powerful tool when used correctly. They are your friends, and treated correctly they will reward you in the long-run.

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