What Is The Best App For Buying Instagram Likes in 2019?

What Is The Best App For Buying Instagram Likes in 2019?

Published on 27th May, 2019

Getting more likes for your Instagram can hugely improve the image of your brand and boost your whole page. It is a great metric to measure the success of your page. Buying Insta Likes nowadays is very cheap and fast, and some services will provide you with genuine real likes and followers. After some research and testing a lot of services with my Instagram account, I have gathered a list of the best sites and apps for buying Instagram likes this year!

  1. LikesGlobal
    Likes Global

    After thorough testing, I have found this to be the best app to buy likes for Instagram. They offer amazing customer support, cheap prices for genuine likes and followers and all the services we tested were very instant, with most of them starting the minute I paid for the order and completing within 30 minutes of the order โ€“ amazing ๐Ÿ˜Š Likes.global is definitely my go-to app to buy Instagram likes and followers for Instagram. It doesnโ€™t even need anything downloaded or installed onto your phone โ€“ it works straight from the browser on mobiles, tablets and PCs! To ensure it works smoothly, I have made orders to buy 50 instagram likes as well as 1000 and even 50,000 instagram likes! All the orders were completed in a very fast manner, even the 50,000 likes package โ€“ with a service that fast you could buy million Instagram likes with no problem ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Stormlikes
    Very nice web page design and they allow a wide range of likes. The service was relatively fast on most orders, with only a few orders having a hitch. They also offer a trial, however, most of the services on this list allow you to get free Instagram likes as well to try them out and see if you would like to purchase some. Some services offer even up to a thousand likes for free every week โ€“ worth checking out!
  3. Buzzoid
    Their service seemed to work fast and nice. They donโ€™t offer as wide range likes as others on this list, but it should be suitable for most usual needs.
  4. iDigic
  5. Blastup
  6. Kickliker
  7. Famoid

As you can see, you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking the best app to buy likes for Instagram. I have gathered this list so that you donโ€™t have to spend money and test all of the services to choose the best ones. If you are looking to get Instagram Likes and Followers for free, I would advise to try out the trials on all of the services, as well as entering the LikesGlobal daily and weekly competition to win free Instagram Likes (or Followers if you prefer!) โ€“ they dash out 100 Likes every day and 1000 additional Likes every week โ€“ seems to be the best deal on the block. Other than that, if you are looking to boost your Instagram, I would highly suggest purchasing quality Followers and Likes, as very cheap and free services will fill your page with fake auto-bot likes, which are worthless and will be removed in the next Instagram bot wipe.

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