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Likes on Instagram can greatly enhance your page's engagement. More Instagram likes means you get more engagement on your profile which means greater reach. Instagram likes are a good metric to measure the performance of your brand.

Why buy Instgram Likes? It is essential to have popular and engaging Instgram page for you to be successful on social media. A page with little likes does not impress seriousness or trust. Buying likes on your photos is an easy way to become popular on Instagram. Instant Likes service is one of the most popular and versatile services that fits any customer with any Instagram needs.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about buying Instagram Likes below if you have any questions or contact us for any further information. Otherwise, feel free to pick the package that will best suit your needs below!
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How to buy Instagram Likes

  • 1 Select your package

    Select package best suited for your needs. You can buy Instagram Likes ranging from 100 all the way up to 50,000! All starting just from $2.79.

  • 2 Select your profile & posts

    Enter your username and simply select the posts that you would like to receive the likes! No password required.

  • 3 Pay using your prefer method

    Pay whichever way is the most convenient for you. All our payments are secure and any information transferred is encrypted.

  • 4 Sit back

    Once your payment is confirmed, just sit back and watch your likes skyrocket. The likes will start coming in within 15 - 30 minutes of the payment confirmation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your services will start processing as soon as we receive your payment. Each service is different so make sure to check the description, however, most services will start delivering immediately ! Sometimes we might have a large quantity of orders to process, in which case it may take a bit longer to start delivering your order. In most cases that will be within 15 to 60 minutes, however, please allow up to 6 - 24 hours for your order to start delivering.
Credit/debit card payments will usually be processed immediately, whereas Bitcoin payments will usually take 10 - 45 minutes to confirm. If your payment is not confirmed within 4 hours please do not hesitate to contact us.
Absolutely! Our marketing specialists combine a number of sophisticated techniques perfected over years to get risk-free likes on your posts. Your content will get promoted without the need of your password and with no risk of getting banned. Any services offered by LikesGlobal are 100% safe.
Unfortunately not, as we cannot see your profile and posts. You have to set your profile to public before placing an order. You only have to keep it public for the duration of the services - after the order is complete you can go back to private. Please note that the order will stop delivering if you switch your account to private before the order is complete.
Yes, our intuitive order process will guide you how to do that! Simply select a package and enter your Instagram username. We will load your latest posts for you to choose however you want to spread your order.
Not at all. The services we offer are completely 100% risk-free. Thousands of people and organizations purchase Instagram services from agencies like LikesGlobal to run their marketing campaigns. Our experience shows exactly that - with thousands of clients served over multiple years we have not encountered an issue once.
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